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Advance Course on Social Entrepreneurship (Madrid)

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Advance Course on Social Entrepreneurship (Madrid) - Madrid - España

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Advance Course on Social Entrepreneurship (Madrid) - Madrid - España Comentarios sobre Advance Course on Social Entrepreneurship (Madrid) - Madrid - España
General Information

Convocatoria: 2012
Periodo lectivo: May - June
Fecha curso: May 2012
Horario: Monday to Thursday from 15h00 to 20h00
Lugar: Madrid
Duración: 130 h.
Dedicación: Part Time
Precio: 3.500 euros (2011)
Idioma: Inglés


    * Analysis and Conceptualisation of the Social economy
    * Leadership and Governance
    * Management of a social enterprise:
          o Strategic management
          o Financial, Legal and Risk management
          o Management of Human Resources
          o Management of Systems and Technology
    * Marketing of services, Communication and Fundraising
    * Social Entrepreneurship
    * Accountability and Impact assessment
    * Working with the private and/or public sector


Class Lectures

Weekly sessions led by outstanding teaching professionals with a solid professional background bringing both theory and practice together into the classroom. Our professors are expert facilitators that believe in participatory learning, fostering engagement, dialogue and discussion among the students.

Case Studies

The case method is an extremely valuable instrument that allows theory and practise to come together for study as a way to mirror the business reality in a nutshell. The case study methodology, situate students in difficult and challenging business situations that they have to effectively resolve. There are no simple solutions, yet it is an excellent instrument for facilitating the exchange of ideas and perspectives, countering and defending different points of view and building up on peer’s ideas.

Forum & Discussion with Leading Business Professionals

EOI offers an extensive program of conference and sessions with prominent business professionals, institutional leaders and outstanding members of the community to discuss and share their experiences in making business in a global environment from the most diverse perspective. Students are highly encouraged to participate in all of the events.

Professional Development Seminars

Small seminar groups geared to strengthen “soft skills” such as leadership, communication, team building, oral presentations, debates, and career planning.

Foreign Language Support

Intensive language support will be provided in order to acquire the basic business proficiency in both English and Spanish.

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