Ferrari Academy.

Not just a School but an actual “fashion company” that forges the future professionals of the Fashion world.

The fashion world is in a constant evolution and change, and it’s always looking for youngsters who have achieved, during their educational path, not only high level technical skills and techniques, but also an approach and a work method that is closer to the world of work and companies.

The learning speed and the quality of our courses are guaranteed by many factors:
  • Individual disposition classes: the teacher individually follows each student by fully respecting his/her creativity and personal taste.
  • Custom study plans: Depending on the knowledge level of the student it’s possible to set up, after an interview with the teacher, a “custom” study plan.
  • Teachers board: selected among the best professionals in the industry, who want to share their experience and professionalism, by giving our students the “knowledge” and the “know-how”.
  • Periodic tests and exams: to evaluate the improvements of the student and promptly act in case of issues or backlogs about the study plan.
  • Educational Material: cutting edges and provided with complete and constantly up-to-date contents, following the latest international trends and methods.
  • Teamwork: to develop good relation skills and offer interesting opportunities to deal with professional figures of the industry.
  • Classrooms: the classrooms are equipped with modern and professional tools, which allow the students to make use of the same equipment they will find in the world of work in future.
  • Opportunity to join workshops, seminars and contests: all of our students have the opportunity to access in-depth analysis or specializations, and work in close contact with professional people of the industry.

Histórico de cursos de Ferrari Academy:

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