Quality Assurance.

The Quality Assurance Model harmonizes the standardization of practices, processes, and documentation across all GBS departments, campuses, and program locations to guarantee consistent learning outcomes for all graduates and a sense of belonging for all employees. However, cultural or legal specificities are taken into consideration to enhance exclusive added-values and the identity of campuses or program locations situated outside of Switzerland. This flexibility allows governance and empowerment at the heart of GBS educational activities without jeopardizing compliance with the GBS Quality Assurance Model.

In Switzerland, the Swiss educational system is composed of Public and Private Institutes. It is important to highlight that only Swiss public universities are recognized by the state.

Measurement Instruments.

A range of measurement tools is available to assess GBS practices and services.
From an academic point of view, GBS evaluates and adopts methods of setting and measuring our specific Student Learning Outcomes for each program using carefully selected tools and evaluation techniques.

Histórico de cursos de Geneva Business School:

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