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    First Certificate for Teachers of Business English
    El objetivo es preparar al cursante para el examen que permite obtener el First Certificate for Teachers of Business English, certificado de validez internacional otorgado por la London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board, International Qualifications.

    Contenidista y coordinadora: Magíster Ana María Rozzi de Bergel

    Se dicta íntegramente en inglés.

    Certificación: Quienes aprueben el examen requerido por la London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board, recibirán el correspondiente certificado First Certificate for Teachers of Business English, que posee validez internacional.
    Quienes no se presenten a examen, pero hayan realizado el curso, recibirán un Certificado de Participación en el curso.

    Programa y Contenidos

    UNIT 1
    Economic activity.
    The stages of economic activity.
    Types of economies.     
    Some basic terminology in linguistics.
    Some business-related vocabulary.     
    Main approaches to TEFL in the 20th Century.
    The Communicative Approach.
    The needs of a Business English teacher.     
    Writing a lesson plan for teaching the basic concepts of economic activity through the analysis of a case.

    UNIT 2
    Different types of companies.
    The internal organisation of a company.
    The organisation chart.
    The influence of hierarchy on language register.     
    Writing memos.
    Editing paragraphs.     
    Needs analysis. The language needs for different jobs.
    Characteristics of a language teaching service.
    Definition of the training gap for different learners.     
    Profiling learners and determining their training gap.

    UNIT 3
    Personnel or Human Resources.
    Job description.
    Performance evaluations.
    Writing a letter of rejection.
    Recognising different registers.
    The client approach.
    Course planning.
    Establishing rapport with the learners.
    Feedback and reports.
    Writing a course plan for a client, including the manner of evaluation.

    UNIT 4
    The process of production.
    The factors of production.
    Method and organisation of production.
    Job satisfaction and efficiency.     
    External communications: letters.
    More business vocabulary.     
    The syllabus: definitions.
    Different types of syllabuses.     
    Designing two syllabus units.

    UNIT 5
    Definition of Marketing.
    The components of the marketing mix: Product, placement, packaging, price.
    Advertising and promotion.
    Advertising materials.
    Increase your business vocabulary.
    Identifying materials and resources.
    How to exploit authentic materials
    Designing activities to exploit authentic materials.

    UNIT 6
    The process of planning in business.
    Identification of overall economic indicators used for planning.
    SWOT analysis.     
    External communications: personal letters on business matters.
    More business vocabulary.     
    Steps in lesson planning.
    Writing a lesson plan.     
    Writing a lesson plan, teaching the lesson and evaluating the results.

    UNIT 7
    Trading and trading documents.
    Main functions of a bank.
    Meetings and negotiations.     
    Banking terminology.
    Writing concisely.
    External communications: letters of complaint.     
    Strategic interaction.
    The design of role-play activities.
    Teaching about meetings and negotiations.     
    Designing, carrying out and evaluating a role-play activity.

    UNIT 8
    The Finance Department.
    Main concepts in finance.
    The Stock Exchange.
    How money moves.
    Presentations: practical tips.     
    Expressing concepts through graphs.
    Going from graphs to texts.
    The language of presentations.
    Finance vocabulary.     Using graphs.
    Teaching how to deliver presentations.
    Evaluating presentations.     
    Planning the presentation of a proposal for organising English courses at a company.

    UNIT 9
    Types of cultures.
    Communication across cultures.
    Creating awareness of diversity.     
    Writing business reports.     
    Reporting and giving feedback.
    Testing. Basic characteristics of tests.
    Types of tests.     
    Writing a test and analyzing it.

    UNIT 10
    Questions about the topics in Units 1 – 9
    Business vocabulary practice.     
    Troubleshooting and how you would carry it out.     
    Examination practice.

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