H.P.E.T - Higher and Polyvalent Expert in Tourism

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    H.P.E.T - Higher and Polyvalent Expert in Tourism.

    The Certificate of Higher and Polyvalent Expert in Tourism, is authorized in Italy by the Ministry of Education.

    This certificate is issued after attending and completing the two years post-graduated course at the ltalian UET seats in Milan –Rome - Palermo.

    The program of studies includes the following subjects:

    - Tourism Marketing
    - Tourism Destination Management
    - Tourism Economy
    - Hospitality Management
    - Geography of Tourism
    - Systems of Transport
    - Tourism Law
    - Booking Reservations
    - Congress and Events Management
    - Food & Beverage Management
    - Sustainable Tourism
    - Communication
    - English
    - French
    - Spanish
    - Case Histories
    - Project Work

    The teaching staff is made up by both university professors and professional experts of the tourisM field. They blend theory with practice giving the know-how of their professional experience thanks to simulations and case histories.

    The foreign language teachers are all mother tongue and qualified in language education.
    ln order to let you make a real working experience and to start comparing your theory knowledge with what the tourism industry needs, you will make four trainings on the job during the two years course. The trainings are organised in ltaly and abroad.

    The issued certificate allows to get the educational credits recognised if you decide to enroll at European Universities .

    Length: 350 hs per academic year.

    Stages: 3 to 6 months per academic year.

    Cost: € 5.000,00 per year.

    Authorizations, Certifications and Agreements:
    UET is authorized by the Ministry of Education pursuant to Presidential Decree 389/1994 OM 13.01.99. It is also certified in accordance with UNI ENI ISO 9001:2008.

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