Master in English Language Teaching - Autonomous Learning Environments

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  • Objetivos del curso
    - To explore English language awareness as a means to facilitate and optimize processes leading to effective teaching and learning. - To blend the latest technological developments with English teaching practice. - To develop competences for the creation, development and improvement of autonomous learning environments. - To develop competences for the management and optimization of language learning resource centres. - To enable participants to use research tools that lead to creative, innovative solutions in the field of English teaching and learning. - To improve and strengthen the skills to explore, consult, select, analyse, evaluate and use information related to English language teaching and learning in specific contexts. - To practice the development and improvement of permanent learning habits that favour continuous personal and professional growth as well as the discovery of new ways of knowledge acquisition.
  • Curso dirigido a
    The Master’s Programme has been designed for graduates currently teaching English or content-based subjects in English, who are interested in leading changes in methodology, education or research in response to the challenges of the modern world. Ideal candidates are always seeking responses to the needs that are typical of every day teaching practice in different contexts and are also willing to undertake projects concerned with the enhancement of autonomy in language learners.
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    Master in English Language Teaching – Autonomous Learning Environments


    Four (4) semesters
    Mode of study

    The master’s programme is mainly taught on campus, although some specific components are offered either online or in the hybrid mode.


    Application fee: Col$115.000.
    Tuition fee per semester: Col$5.150.000. (2010).


    Fridays, 4:00 to 8:00 p. m. Saturdays, 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p. m.


    ICELT – In-Service Certificate in English Language Teaching issued by the University of Cambridge, England. This is a cross curricular component of the Master’s programme, which provides balance between theory and practice in the different areas of the programme. Upon completion of the requirements established by the University of Cambridge, candidates are entitled to receive the ICELT Certificate.
    Entrance requirements

    Applications are welcome from professionals presently engaged in any area of English teaching or English content-based teaching.
    Entrance requirements are:

    - A BA degree in language teaching or a professional degree in any other area.
    - English language competence equivalent to B2 or higher in the Common European Framework scale.

    NB: Foreign citizens are required to comply with the legal requisites for residence in Colombia.

    Study plan

    Language learning theories
    Language knowledge and awareness
    Research in language teaching seminar

    Autonomy and Hybrid Learning environments
    Autonomy and virtual learning environments
    Reflective teaching and learning
    Action research: seminar

    Learner autonomy and self-access materials
    Reflective evaluation
    Setting up and optimising resource centres
    Action research project: seminar

    New learning environments
    Language and globalisation
    Self assesment
    Language and content
    Setting up and optimising resource centres
    Action research project

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