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    MBA with Concentration in Accounting

    Type of course: Master
    Methodology: Online
    Virtual campus
    Duration: 18 months
    Requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree or a Graduate Degree


    The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting is a specialized program that provides students with a deeper understanding of accounting principles, taxes, and the auditing process and techniques, to ensure that the correct strategies are elaborated by applying these knowledge. The program is designed to meet the relevant requirements of the labor market and increase employment opportunities for students. After completing the Master, you will be able to:

    -Create reports that effectively communicate business strategies to different stakeholders
    -Analyze typical business situations and make financial decisions
    -Develop critical thinking
    -Plan strategically

    You will be able to link your thesis or final master's project to a real casuistry of your current company, which may have a direct impact on the applicability of your master.

    Aside from this concentration, within the MBA, we also offer 4 different concentrations for you to choose the most suitable specialization for you among Accounting, Digital Marketing, Information Systems and Health care Management.

    Our teaching model is designed on the basis of 3 fundamental pillars that promotes an  excellent training, open to all, flexible and 100% online: based on an active learning experience that promotes critical thinking, teamwork, participates in vigorous brainstorming and uses a case study-oriented approach that leads to the idea of ​​learning by doing.

    Be Limitless; Be Successful.

    Student profile:

    - Working professionals who are seeking for an academic program that provides a comprehensive business background.
    - Entrepreneurs looking to develop their vision and the skills to achieve it.
    - Students who have a wide spectrum of academic backgrounds and professional experiences and wish to move into corporate accounting and/or finance roles.
    - Professionals pursuing advancement in the accounting fiel

    Curriculum for MBA:

    -Managerial Accounting

    -Leadership and Organizational Behavior

    -Auditing (*)
    -Taxation for Managers (*)

    -Cost Accounting Fundamentals (*)
    -Managerial Accounting II (*)

    -Information Systems and Technology Management
    -Research Methodology

    -Operations and Project Management

    (*) Courses to be replaced by the set of elective courses related to the chosen concentration.

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