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One Year Course in Graphic Design and Infographics

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    Graphic Design and Infographics.

    One year courses - Rio De Janeiro.

    Start date: September 2017
    Duration: 240 hours
    Attendance: evening
    Language: Portuguese

    The Intensive in Graphic Design and Infographics offers lessons in the practice of graphic design and infographics production, and skill sets for defining a project plan. Finding context in the theory and history of the medium, students will learn to create consciously and consistently. The course provides tools, creative techniques, and analysis for enhancing the conception and implementation of projects, and it covers the fundamentals of typography and composition.

    Students will be introduced to various methods of research and of data gathering and analysis, in order to explore information design, infographics, and data visualization. The course mixes theoretical lectures, presentations, and case studies with practical exercises. Labs, workshops, and projects arise from the collaborative construction of a knowledge base and apprenticeships through practice.


    The course program explores the fundamentals of Graphic Design: its practice, history, and theory. And it explores the medium as a means of registering ideas and creating. It will include a lab in graphic representation where students will produce a series of posters. Regarding infographics: the course presents methods and techniques for research, organization, and analysis of data; the construction and analysis of visual narratives; and, information and infographics design. Students will be encouraged to complete a final project.
    The course is designed for students and professionals from distinct backgrounds who want to migrate to Graphic Design. It also serves professionals in the area who want to learn more about infographic techniques and methods, and those whom wish to recycle or perfect their design practice.

    The coordinator is Pedro Segreto, director of Caos! Vídeo & Design, a studio that creates graphic and digital design projects for the cultural and corporate markets. With degrees in architecture from FAU-UFRJ and design from PUC-RJ, where he finished his master’s dissertation on microcinema: “Microcinema – o impacto das novas tecnologias digitais sobre a produção audiovisual,” Segreto teaches workshops on digital media, and participates in University lectures, debates, and events in Brazil and abroad.


    Since 1966, the IED has developed innovative and diversified teaching methodologies, focused on synergies between technology and experimentation, creativity, strategies and integrated communication, market issues and a new form of professionalism. Thus does the Istituto Europeo di Design offer young professionals working in the fields of Fashion, Design and Communication the knowledge and the effective tools they need to cater for the constantly developing requirements of the working world.

    The faculty comprises experts and professionals with the ability to teach applied skills and a constant stream of innovation. Each individual course is run in direct contact with and supported by companies operating in the fields in question.

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